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Events calendar

Events calendar

Immerse yourself in classic car events at AutoClasico: Find the main classic car events, meetings and festivals on our calendar and add them to yours. Photos of the events; contribute your experiences; and promote your event.

Upcoming events

Our traditional calendar of upcoming events: Classic car events coming soon in Mexico and other countries.
We have 37 classic car events on our calendar. Visit our calendar of upcoming events.

Recommended events

Classic car events that, due to their prestige, tradition, enthusiasm, camaraderie or their contribution to social causes, we suggest you participate in or visit their activities.
We have 10 recommendations for classic car events that might interest you. Visit our entire calendar of suggestions.

Event Reviews

Photo reviews of classic car events we have had the opportunity to attend.
We have reviews of 186 classic car events. Visit our photographic collection of event reviews.

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Benefits of announcing your event in AutoClasico

  • Promotion of your event in our Upcoming Events section
  • Promotion of your event on our social networks
  • Promote your event in our biweekly email campaigns
  • Your event will be kept in our Event History memory
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