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Who are we?

By Antonio Gutiérrez

In 1992 I was infected by the enthusiasm of mechanics of the cars whose age is well below the average when I bought my 1970 Dodge Monaco. A big car, spacious, with simple mechanics, compared with the temporary cars, it seduced me to buy it to develop in it a restoration Project.

Soon I realized the implications that this project had. Who would fix it? I wasn’t looking for ordinary repair of those in which is enough that the car Works no matter the adjustments or changes to the original had to do. Where would I keep it? Where would I find original parts? How to know when I buy the car if it had alterations that were made to see it out of the original? Would it cost a lot…?

Finally, the car remained 5 years outside the house of my in-laws, waiting for the big moment. The engine needed a complete reparation, the painting was extremely finished and the upholstery wasn’t good. At this time the Monaco car only made short trips to the house of my in-laws to my house and back. Although it was a fantastic ride for my 3 year old daughter, it was full of strong emotions as the temperament of the engine was such that sometimes, out of nowhere, decided not to walk anymore.

During that time I tried to contact people who like this peculiar pastime, but they were equally or more confused than me.

In 1997 a mechanic fixed my engine. Although it was a good mechanical work, the aesthetics of the work did not care much to this man, but now the car was going well. In the same year I decided to wait no longer and a neighbor of the colony, who is a painter, painted my car. It wasn’t an extraordinary work, but it looked better. Then, I decided to upholster the car, a tapestry nothing extraordinary, but it was now clean in the inside.

These repairs gave another aspect to my car; however it wasn’t what I was looking for. In 1998 in this Monaco car I picked up my second newborn daughter.

I don’t remember if it was in 1998 or in 1999, in autumn a heavy hailstorm fell at the North of the metropolitan area of Monterrey which took off the paint of the car. I should have felt extremely sad, but since it wasn’t the job I wanted, it was not like that.

For strange reasons of destiny, one day I knew of Gigio’s workshop and when I met him, I realized that he might do the work that I was looking for. He painted the car taking care of those details that only an expert does. My Monaco was different. Since then, I keep a very special friendship with Gigio and he has done many jobs to me in other projects of restoration in which nowadays I continue working.

When all this happened to me, I realized that there was a very important quantity of enthusiasts’ that we feel disoriented to be able to start at least the processes of restoration.

Then I thought about forming a club, but the unpredictable dynamics in which we work today, the trouble in which you move through the city and, with the growth of the family, the need to spend more time at home, they impeded the materialization of this project.

It was then when I thought of developing a website to reach all those enthusiasts of the driving. In the year of 2001 I started with “AutoClasico”.

“AutoClasico” is a developed site , operated and supported by a server designed to create a community of enthusiasts’ of the classic and ancient cars for the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences.

For those who have followed me from the beginning, you will notice that the site has evolved, maybe not so fast as everyone would like, but we have created a community that limps of the same “leg”.

Antonio Gutiérrez
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