How does it work? The three steps to register in the club

How it works? The three steps to register for the club

The mechanism AutoClasico registration is free and easy. The only thing you need is an email account and access to your mailbox.

The first step is to access the login page of the club. Page entry into the club is on (see Figure 1). In the text box "My Email is" to write your email account. It is very important to make sure that your mail is correctly written because otherwise you can not complete your registration. Then choose the option "No, but I want to belong to the club" and finally click on the button "Login".

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If your email account has not been registered before you will see the registration form shown in Figure 2. In this way, record your personal data. It is very important not to forget the password you provide on this form, and once you finalize your registration will use each time you enter the club (do not confuse your password with the confirmation code you mention below). When you finish filling out the registration form click on the button "Submit Registration."

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Once you submit the registration form, and if the data you provided does not contain errors, be sent to your email account an email with a confirmation code. The confirmation code is a combination of letters and numbers that you must provide to complete your registration. Check your email account and find the AutoClasico mail you sent with your confirmation code. Once you enter the club (step 1) but this time choose the option "Yes, and my password is" and placed in the text field the password you defined in the form of step 2, then click on the button "Login to the Club." If the email and password are correct you will see the page shown in Figure 3. In the text field "Password confirmation" writes the confirmation code that came to your mail ... and presto, you are already a part of the club.

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Once you have confirmed your registration in Step 3 you will not use the confirmation code and enter the club using the login page 4 image only provide your email and password.

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